Dragon Ball Fan Art Course: Creating King Kai's Planet in Unreal Engine 5 with Houdini


Learn Houdini and create your own Dragon Ball King Kai´s Fan Art in Unreal5 with the power of procedural techniques. Accelerate world building creation for videogames and become a sought-after Houdini Technical Artist.
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Houdini (Indie)
Instant access videos & Live meetings 
9 h

 "Best Game Design & Development Schools in the World 2022"
- The Rookies -

The master's program where I teach at 'Florida Universitaria' ranked as the best in the world, at 12th position!

Hi there! I’m Adolfo,  I'll tell you about my passion: procedural 3D content creation for Videogames and Cinema with the power of Houdini software. I've been around working for top game companies and teaching 3D for 10+ years 
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You will have the opportunity to create a collection of Houdini tools to create Dragon Ball King Kai's Planet fully procedurally. You'll deal with procedural foliage scattering, advanced instancing techniques to assemble the path brick by brick and finally, you will generate a handful of props with procedural techniques (excluding the car) - no hand selection involved!  Generate procedural geometries, feed the tool with uassets existing in your project and deal with  advanced instancing and orienting...unleash your creativity with these Houdini tools and seamlessly import them into Unreal Engine 5. 

Beyond the obvious benefit of speeding up video game production, this course will also train you to become a proficient Houdini Technical Artist, a highly sought-after role in the industry.

Experience a mentored learning journey with professional feedback and access to recorded lessons. Throughout the course, we will delve into various tricks and techniques, including VEX language, Expressions, HDAs and more, providing guidance at every step.

Expand your Portfolio, bring your ambitious Projects to life and get our Certification of knowledge upon completion.


Module1 - Foliage Spawner tool 
Create a foliage instancer Houdini tool that integrates seamlessly with Unreal engine5. Learn how to scatter existing Foliage Types in a controlled fashion
Module2 - King Kai´s Path
Deal with advanced techniques for placing, scaling and orienting existing uassets procedurally. The tool deals with any brick size!
Module3 - Procedural Modelling techniques
Create King Kai's buildings, bench, pots, curtains...learn a lot of procedural techniques  and good practices that will help you becoming proficient Houdini Technical Artist





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FREE - Course Presentation
Get an idea of the whole process and all the steps we'll cover
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FREE - King Kai's Path
Take a look at how we will deal with generating the path procedurally
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FREE - Foliage Scattering
We will explore how to procedurally scatter foliage across  King Kai's Planet





"I had Adolfo as a teacher a couple of years ago and he has been one of the most complete teachers and professionals I have been able to learn from."
Juan Carlos Carrasco - 3D Artist UBISOFT
"The experience was of immense value to me. I was provided with valuable mentoring during my learning. The expertise in the use of technology and new software, particularly in the field of video games, was particularly impressive."
Borja Tarazona  - 3D Artist INGAME STUDIOS
"Few times in life I saw someone enjoy what he does so much and transmit that passion. Adolfo is a great professional with a lot of technical and artistic knowledge, very involved with each of his students, providing with professional feedback in the most friendly attitude. Having him as a teacher was wonderful"
Fernando Estrela  - Character Artist 2K GAMES 
"During the 2020/21, Adolfo was my teacher in Florida Replay's Master's in Art for Video Games. I acquired a great deal of knowledge, both technical and artistic, which allowed me to access the industry of AAA Video Games.
A great teacher as well as a great person!"
Alberto Catalán  - Environment Artist INGAME STUDIOS
"Adolfo was one of the professionals who helped me the most when I was learning 3D. He taught me all kind of tricks and motivated me to get better every day. His feedback was always very complete and detailed and helped me to improve by a lot."
Javier Izquierdo  - Environment Artist PARADOX
"My experience was very good, I was able to reach the required level to join the industry. I am very grateful for all the knowledge and techniques that I learned from him. I am working now as Environment Artist and I love it"
Diego Llacer  - Environment Artist ROOM8 STUDIO
"Adolfo was beyond average teacher to me. He was so close, always there, trying his best to solve my doubts. He is no longer my teacher, but he gives me feedback and, still today, he keeps an eye on my progress."
Juansa Torres  - 3D Artist UBISOFT




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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this course for?
Beginners to Houdini and 3D artists comfortable with 3D foundations. Some code experience -in any language- is recommended although not mandatory, we´ll use VEX.
This is 'Instant access' fast-track tutorial, with basic-intermediate content wrapped around a specific visual target.

  • If you are beginner, new to 3D industry, we recommend assessing your 3D Knowledge follow this link:
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  • If you are already familiar with with Houdini, we recommend assessing your Houdini Knowledge follow this link:
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  • If you need further assistance or still feel unsure about taking this course, we´ll be pleased to help!
    Please drop us a line: 
Where will this get me?
  • It is basic-intermediate tutorial for those willing to be able to create production-ready HDAs.
Will I get the full course instantly?
  • Yes, this is 'instant access' format course.
Time and Commitment
  • Depending on your background, skills and familiarity with 3D basics and Houdini you might need somewhere between 10-30 hours to go through the content, practice, address the assignments and attend the meetings.
Are lessons live events?
Yes, this is recorded content in combination with live zoom meetings, so you can learn at your own pace and ask questions as you progress. You'll gain access to our server too.
How is teaching organized?
  • Once you place the order, you'll get an email from TECH ART WORLDS, with detailed follow-up instructions.
    This is the summary:
    You'll get access to the content instantly, it includes weekly meetings for Q&A, recorded videos, e-books, quizzes and other resources. You'll gain access to private discord server and dedicated course channel. 

  • If you need further assistance we´ll be pleased to help! Drop us a line: 
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Why choosing TECHART WORLDS?
    Contrary to most Houdini schools or 3D generalist schools, we focus on TECHART disciplines (and provide required 3D foundations too) to help you creating outstanding demo reel.

    If you are new to industry, our courses will help you landing the 3D industry and accessing your first job.
    If you are experienced 3D user, you'll become a key resource for your studio.

    On successfully completing our courses, the corresponding Certificates of knowledge will be provided.
How do students receive Feedback
  • You'll gain access to all our Discord Server  public channels so you get help with the basic 'how to' questions.
  • Then, you'll be granted access to course-specific Discord channel, with dedicated instructor.
  • You'll be able to submit your work and ask for FEEDBACK and doubts through or ongoing weekly Zoom meetings
What are Recommended Computer specs
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Is TECHART WORLDS a Online School?
  • Yes, we are 100% online world-wide school.
Does this course include subtitles?
  • No, this course does not include subtitles. The language adopted within TECHART WORLDS is plain English, you should be able to follow if you feel comfortable with English language basics
Can I take individual courses only?
  • Yes, you can enrol any course individually. 
Can I take several courses simultaneously?
  • Yes, you can, but it is not recommended. Depending on your background you might struggle with some specific topic and you should focus on it till you understand it. Our advice is avoiding fighting on more than one fronts at once.
What certificates will I get?
  • Once you covered the content, you'll get Completion and Knowledge certificates.
What is the refund policy?
Within 14 days of the course start date you may request a full refund, as long as you didn't cover beyond 30% of the course content.
Courses or tutorials, what is the difference?
Whenever you read 'course' or 'tutorial', they both refer to the same thing: a collection of Learning Activities (recorded videos, live webinars, zoom meetings, PDFs, e-books, assessments, audio files and more). Each course is made out of a unique mix of the above mentioned learning activities, depending on the course duration and scope. 
How much does the course cost?
Scroll up to the Course Descriptor section
  • Take a look at course content section to understand the course breakdown; in combination with 'Time and Commitment' explanation, you'll get an idea of commitment required from you. Notice some sections may be very demanding depending on your CG background.