Houdini and Unreal 5 Webinar: Discover how to create procedural Art for Videogames

Houdini - UE5 webinar
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Have you ever wondered what makes Houdini unique?
If you are coming from a traditional 3D background, maybe as a 3D prop and/or environment artist, you might get puzzled when hearing some Houdini technical artist saying, 'Let's create a new attribute for this geo.'
Or maybe, 'We don't care what the input is, as long as it is what the Houdini tool expects.'
What does all this jargon actually mean?
Get a glimpse of the possibilities Houdini offers you to create ultra-complex 3D assets in a matter of seconds by attending our upcoming webinar! (open to everyone)
If you ever felt like you are able to create amazing art for video games, this may be of interest to you:
We'll showcase examples of real-world production tools with a professional look and feel.
Once we have an idea of what can be created, we'll learn how a collection of simple operations, repeated and piled up smartly, can lead to awesome 3D art assets and environments, impossible to address through traditional approaches.
Also, we'll explore how Houdini can promote any process to an actual tool you might reuse again and again and much more!
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The event is hosted by 'Florida Universitaria' (Valencia).